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The better way to transport heavy goods.

Simplify your transport chain. Transporting heavy goods by road can be complex, with congestion often requiring vehicles to spend hours in traffic jams or make long detours. Road transports are also subject to permits, and to the observance of driving time limits. Shipping eliminates these costly and time-consuming processes.

Heavy loads

No traffic jams, no detours, no blocking times.

In Bremerhaven, bulky and heavy-lift cargo can be loaded directly from the production facility onto the ship. When handled within the Labradorhafen area, heavy cargo does not require a permit or a BF3 vehicle.


24 hours a day, 365 days a year

Production on the coast? Bremerhaven’s excellent port infrastructure enables you to transport heavy goods – such as large machines, industrial plants, construction vehicles and cranes – around the world quickly, reliably and safely.

Heavy-duty quays

Vast savings potential

Our terminals for heavy-lift cargo enable you not only to save on logistics costs, but also to provide greater delivery flexibility and reliability.

Transport links

Excellent infrastructure

Located next to waterways navigable for seagoing ships and offering excellent transport links to the surrounding region, the port’s plots of land and production halls boast an ideal infrastructure.

Shipping lines

Worldwide exports

Bremerhaven is an international seaport boasting excellent connections for both ocean and short sea shipping.


Excellent for business

Investment and innovation programmes, location scouting, land brokerage and much more – our BIS business development team can provide you with expert support in setting up your business, always tailoring its approaches and solutions to suit your specific needs.

High and heavy

Optimum production conditions

Heavy goods: Do you manufacture transformers, large construction machinery, castings, turbines, aggregates or similar? Bremerhaven offers you industrial estates and modern production facilities located right next to navigable waterways – ideal conditions for exporting rolling and heavy goods.

Industrial properties and halls

Areas at the port: Bremerhaven offers you a range of large plots situated alongside a navigable waterway – ideally located and sized for your project.


Production at the port

LogInPort industrial zone

Luneplate industrial zone

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  • Total size: 90 ha (gross)
  • with plots located close to the port and with good links to road networks suitable for heavy loads
  • immediate proximity to Labradorhafen, which is ideally equipped for heavy-load handling
  • simplified permit for the transport of heavy goods from the industrial area to Labradorhafen

Distance to:

A27 motorway (junction: Fischereihafen) 3,5 km
B71/B6 federal road 0,4 km
Public transport connection 0,3 km
Bremerhaven main train station 6 km
Seaport Labradorhafen 0,5 km
Seaport Überseehäfen/container terminal 9 km
Bremen Airport 60 km
Airport Cuxhaven/Nordholz 36 km



  • Total size: 150 ha (gross)
  • Luneplate caters primarily to companies from the green economy and to companies specialising in large-scale industrial plant construction (e.g. offshore wind turbine construction).
  • The area is currently under development. Planning permission for sections of the Luneort industrial zone has been obtained.

Distance to:

A27 motorway (junction: Fischereihafen) 3,5 km
B71/B6 federal road 0,4 km
Public transport Connection/Bus stop 0,8 km
Bremerhaven main train station 6 km
Seaport Labradorhafen 0,5 km
Seaport Überseehäfen /container terminal 9 km
Bremen Airport 60 km
Airport Cuxhaven/Nordholz 36 km



  • Total size: 306 ha (gross)
  • Caters primarily to companies from the industrial, logistics and port-related sectors
  • Boasts immediate proximity to the container, car, and high-and-heavy/ro-ro terminals

Distance to:

A27 motorway 5 km
B6/B212 federal road 5 km
Bremen Airport 70 km
Airport Cuxhaven/Nordholz 30 km
Bremerhaven main train station 7 km
Bremen main train station 60 km
Bremen Cargo Distribution Centre 65 km
Bremerhaven seaport 1 km
Bremerhaven inland port 1 km


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Heavy-goods transports by road are subject to a complex approvals process that can take several weeks to complete. Companies that produce directly at the port require significantly fewer permits, which in turn means lower logistics costs and less complex logistics management.

What’s more, less time spent on bureaucracy means the goods reach their destination more quickly. There are also no traffic-related delays or blocking periods to deal with.

Transporting heavy cargo by ship therefore makes for more flexible and reliable deliveries, and lowers risk.

At Bremerhaven, we provide you with expert support in handling heavy loads and obtaining the pertinent permits, always making sure to provide the best solution for your needs.

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Labradorhafen heavy-duty terminal
ABC-Halbinsel terminal
Container terminal – southern zone
Ro-Ro terminal in Bremerhaven

Heavy-duty quays

Bremerhaven is the fourth-largest container port and largest automobile transshipment centre in Europe, and enjoys an excellent reputation. It is also ideally equipped for the handling of heavy goods and, with its heavy-duty berths, can ship even the most oversized cargo to destinations around the world.

Located only 32 nautical miles from the open sea, Bremerhaven is quite easy to reach for maritime traffic (for the other major ports in the area, Bremen and Hamburg, this distance is 66 and 77 nautical miles respectively). It therefore only takes 2:36 hours for ships to get to Bremerhaven from the open sea, while ships heading to one of the other two cities will take twice as long.

Companies that use Bremerhaven can benefit of the extensive shipping expertise and logistics know-how of the port’s highly trained staff, who ensure that goods are handled safely and arrive at their destination on time and with no detours.

Bremerhaven has four ports capable of heavy-cargo handling. These are part of a comprehensive logistics concept catering to the requirements of the large machine- and plant-engineering industry.


Schwerlastterminal Labradorhafen

From the publicly accessible heavy-lift platform, large construction components can be loaded onto pontoons or ships using hydraulic shifting systems or heavy-duty vehicles.

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Terminal ABC-Halbinsel

The ABC-Halbinsel terminal located between Kaiserhafen II and Kaiserhafen III is operated by BLG LOGISTICS. It offers berths for ships and heavy-load-bearing areas for the storage and shipment of heavy cargo.

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Containerterminal – Südlicher Bereich

This terminal specialises in handling and loading heavy cargo weighing more than 1,000 tonnes. It is therefore equipped with specially modified container gantry cranes and large mobile cranes.

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RoRo-Terminal Bremerhaven

The Ro-Ro terminal is one of Europe’s foremost terminals, moving around 1.2 million tonnes of roll-on, roll-off goods. The high-and-heavy zone, situated close to the quay and stretching over a surface area of 340,000 m², is equipped with state-of-the-art handling equipment.

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Transport links


Bremerhaven boasts excellent
connections for both ocean and short sea shipping. It therefore makes an ideal location for import and export operations.

Shipping lines


Bremerhaven is connected to the European motorway network via the Autobahn A 27. The city has five junctions connecting it with the A 27 motorway. It also has the Weser tunnel connecting it with Oldenburg/Wilhelmshaven
and the Netherlands.

Motorway connections


Bremerhaven has an excellent roads network, and traffic in the city tends to be flowing, with little or no congestion.

Roads network

Bremerhaven is situated on the main railway line to the city of Bremen, which is served by numerous long-distance trains.

Rail connection

Bremen Airport is around 50 minutes away by car.


Shipping connections and shipping lines

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In 2017 alone, goods with total weight of 33,965,000 tonnes were shipped out of Bremerhaven’s ports to destinations all over the world, including Germany, Russia, Norway, Spain, China, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Oman, Brazil, Canada and the US.

Therefore Bremerhaven offers a wide range of international shipping lines. The inland waterways leading out of Bremerhaven are also navigable for seagoing vessels.

Thanks to its excellent port infrastructure and heavy-lift facilities, Bremerhaven is ideally positioned not only to transport goods by sea, but also to transport bulky and heavy cargo.



The Bremerhavener Gesellschaft für Investitionsförderung und Stadtentwicklung mbH, BIS for short, serves as an interface between the worlds of politics, administration, business and science. It is also there to support you. The BIS business development team sees itself as a partner to and champion of businesses in the region.

Relocation consulting services
Bremerhaven is an exceedingly entrepreneurial city deeply familiar with the language of business.

Commercial premises
BIS can provide you with advice and assistance in scouting for business locations, renting premises, relocating from elsewhere, and selling and letting commercial real estate.

Funding programmes
BIS can offer support in the form of investment and innovation programmes, and in implementing other types of support programmes. It can also help with official approval procedures and other issues.

Bremerhaven’s business development experts are also happy to set up meetings between companies and renowned scientific institutions, help with networking and assist with executive search efforts.

Surprisingly different
BIS is quick, committed and confidential in its work approach, and naturally offers its services free of charge. Therefore it is with good reason that the WIRTSCHAFTSWOCHE (business journal) decided to award Bremerhaven the title of Germany’s most business-friendly city in 2010.

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